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Why Special Clinics?


We often encounter certain problems in children which are recurrent or long standing.


Such problems require more detailed deliberations and interactions. Special clinics provide a better platform to impart detailed scientific knowledge about the condition. They also provide an opportunity for better interactions. We can provide certain diagnostic processes which can be done in  a group of patients . Hands on experience of certain therapeutic tools can also be given.

We offer special clinic for following conditions which we commonly encounter in our routine OPD practice 

  1. Behaviour issues in young children

  2. Adolescent issues

  3. Developmental disorders like Autism, ADHD , Learning disorder

  4. Bed wetting

  5. Recurrent Cough – Cold 

  6. Under 5 wheezers and child hood asthma – we provide detailed explanation and demonstration for correct use of various inhaler devices. We also have facility for Spirometry for older children.



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