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Our Vision Statement

  • To  strive to provide comprehensive rational medical care from birth to 18 years and promote ideal modern day parenting 

  • To  provide holistic counselling services for promotion of mental health and prevention of life style disorders for all age groups 

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide friendly atmosphere and happy experience  to the beneficiaries of our health programs

  • To offer a smooth consultation process through all the steps  including  appointment, registration , consultation and treatment 

  • To look after medical needs from birth until 18 years of age 

  • To promote prevention of physical and mental illnesses through structured as well as unplanned  anticipatory guidance based on the perceived needs 

  • To empower the caretakers  of children  with comprehensive knowledge about the medical condition of the patient

  • Rational Therapy will remain  the guiding principle 

  • To administer age appropriate vaccination and share complete and correct scientific knowledge with the parents 

  • To empower parents to learn modern day parenting  from  newborns to adolescence  

  • To use technology to impart optimum health education 

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