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Why Tele-consultation?​​


Tele-medicine and Tele-heath are legally approved and recommended by the regulatory authorities. It saves time and avoids travel and related hassles. However it cannot substitute for in person face to face consultation.


Limitations of Tele-consultation

It has limitations of lack of thorough clinical examination and technological and other glitches in the communication. Tele-consultation is not advisable in very sick and young infants. With this understanding of its limitations and under prevailing circumstances when in person consultation is not feasible, we do offer tele-consultation facilities on request of the care takers. 


When an appointment is requested and scheduled by a patient or caretaker it is implied that they have read and accepted the various terms and conditions and limitations of tele-consultation described in this document about tele-consultation.

Guide to Appointment Booking

  1. To book  Tele-consultation appointment call us on +91-9409280488, +91-9106594341, +91-265-3553187, +91-265-2481671,+91-265-2484103

  2. The staff will explain the procedure for payment and schedule a tentative appointment.  The appointment will be confirmed if payment is done within 15 minutes. 


You have multiple options to pay the consultation fees online and schedule an appointment.​

1. You can make payment by scanning following QR code or on Mobile No 9409280488


2. You can also make payment through IMPS/NEFT to the following bank account   


HDFC BANK ACCOUNT NO  50200047841859



Procedure of Tele-consultation

  • Usually tele-consultation is done on Zoom Video platform. In case of inability to join, telephonic consultation will be done .

  • At your scheduled time the staff will call you to join the link

  • If feasible, the child will be examined on video call to the extent possible.

  • Please focus your camera on the child as requested by doctor.

  • A prescription will be prepared and sent to your WhatsApp number.

  • Depending on the situation, after tele-consultation, the doctor may advise that an in-person face-to-face consultation is necessary and may not prescribe any medications.  The doctor may advise referral to a hospital for admission and investigations.

What is expected from patients for fruitful and smooth tele-consultation?

  • Be ready to receive the call on time and join the link 

  • Sit in a quiet place. 

  • Have the file and other papers and a pen ready with you.

  • Keep the mobile in a steady position. 

  • Undress the child and allow the doctor to have as good a look as possible on video.

  • If you have papers related to previous treatment and reports etc., please make a single pdf. document and share it via WhatsApp to mobile no. +91- 9106594341 OR  +91-9409280488  prior to appointment. If there are more than 4 to 5 pages or you had multiple consultations in past , please allow a gap of 1-2 days for the doctor to study the papers. 

  • Please ensure that you have the same number as given for registration and ensure that it is not busy during the time slot.

  • Please ensure that your mobile battery is charged. 

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